Saturday, December 4, 2010

Foodies Unite - December 4th 2010

Hello Friends,

So, finally the day came and brought too much excitement. Unfortunately, lot of girls couldn't make it due to prior commitments or last minute plan changes. We missed them very much.

Few days ago, we had decided to meet in a common and comfortable place for all of us, which happened to "Rajdhani" Restaurant in Artesia (Norwalk, CA). I am sure, people living in LA area, who are fond of Indian food are familiar with the name of this restaurant. They serve mouth watering, all vegetarian, Gujarati, Sit Down Buffet. Yes, little different and untraditional for American culture, but pretty common per Indian traditions. It is kind of all you can eat buffet, but you nicely sit in comfort of your chair and they serve you whatever you need from the menu of the day.

Anu, Divya, Priya, Shubha and Hetal all showed up almost on time. It was surreal to meet everyone finally in person. We had talked a lot over emails and some even chat. But, to meet in person, was just wonderful. We met, talked about ourselves, our blogs, gossips and then of course food. All over a wonderful lunch. We talked, talked and talked. The only person who didn't talk much was Divya and we will make sure next time, we reserve some time for her to open up further and talk more... lol. Divya, next time you better talk more girl :)

Anu and Divya were really sweet to bring the rest of us some wonderful and of course delicious gifts. Thanks guys :)

We separated promising that we will soon meet each other. After all, the blogging is all our "me" time and we love and cherish the friendships we have made through this passion of ours, food and blogging.

Love you all girls and hope next time all of us can make it and we have even more people joining our group.

Note: I am trying to upload pictures, so please bear with me.


Hetal said...

had an awesome time with u gals...hope to see all soon:)

Tamil Home Recipes said...

This blog is so good.

turmericnspice said...

that musyt have been so much fun...pix plzzz:)

Saranya said...

You have a wonderful blog here..I m following you..Keep writing..

Alia said...

Hi Priya!

I am Alia, your new follower from

I really love your comments on my blog posts. I love this blog as well as your other one. I am following that too.

Loads of love!


cookingvarieties said...

hi, many thanks for your visit, most appreciated. since you have 2 blogs, i will just hop over to the other one, may be next time, i know which blog to follow.
its so nice to be able to meet fellow bloggers face to face huh... no more in the virtual world only.